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 ISD Holistic Center 

The ISD Holistic Center offers a wide range of services and therapies that resonate with the principles of Health and Well Being through the practice of Metaphysical concepts.    

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Garry Gewant, Hypnotherapist


Garry Gewant is a retired special education high school teacher, who became interested in hypnosis over 35 years ago, when he quit his 2-pack a day smoking habit with only one session. He graduated hypnotherapy school and became a certified hypnotherapist in 1999. Along with his Hypnosis practice, Garry is a Reiki practitioner, ISD healer, Past Life Regressionist, Psychic, Medium and author of the book: “I’ll Take Hypnosis with a Side of Mediumship: A Journey from Atheism to Spirituality”. His website is and can be reached at 908 852-4635 or email:

Phone: 908-852-4635

Website and more info:


Carreen McDonald

Reiki Master & Healing Practitioner

Carreen McDonald is a certified Usui Reiki Master. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Carreen is well-versed in a multitude of energetic healing modalities. With 20 years of experience in the discipline,(including Animal Reiki), Carreen is also certified in Therapeutic Touch and Energetic Healing through ISD. 

Carreen is a facilitator of ISD’s weekly H.E.L.P Group (Healing with Eight Loving Practitioners) and has sponsored Reiki Shares on Sundays. Carreen is an accomplished and well-founded conduit for healing through divine channeling and meditative healing. Through bodywork, guided meditation and, at times, nature immersion, Carreen acts as an astute observer of each individual’s energetic needs. 

Carreen will provide a wellspring of healing and respite, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual. Most importantly, Carreen introduces her clients to their own capabilities and provides insight and resources for their own self-sustained healing. Request a booking via .

Phone: 973-229-5535



Alexandra Ciasulli

Massage Therapist

Alexandra Ciasulli is a NJ licensed Massage Therapist (#18KT00067000) and bodyworker since 2006.   Alexandra has the ability to attune your bodywork session uniquely  each time as your needs change.  While deep tissue techniques are the basis to much of her approach she will incorporate other modalities such as trigger point therapy, Active/Passive Release, CranioSacral, Thai and more.  Alexandra also works with Reiki if requested, and has a Manual Lymph Drainage certification.  Specializing in Chronic Muscular imbalance, TMJ clients, prenatal, and simple relaxation.

Phone: 908-946-4062

More information at: visionofdawnmassage on instagram or Facebook

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