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 ISD Holistic Center 

The ISD Holistic Center offers a wide range of services and therapies that resonate with the principles of Health and Well Being through the practice of Metaphysical concepts.    

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Garry Gewant, Hypnotherapist


Garry Gewant is a retired special education high school teacher, who became interested in hypnosis over 35 years ago, when he quit his 2-pack a day smoking habit with only one session. He graduated hypnotherapy school and became a certified hypnotherapist in 1999. Along with his Hypnosis practice, Garry is a Reiki practitioner, ISD healer, Past Life Regressionist, Psychic, Medium and author of the book: “I’ll Take Hypnosis with a Side of Mediumship: A Journey from Atheism to Spirituality”. His website is and can be reached at 908 852-4635 or email:

Phone: 908-852-4635

Website and more info:

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