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YEAR OF THE RABBIT, Chjnese & Feng Shui Astrology, Sunday March 5th - 12 Noon

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Chinese & Feng Shui Astrology 2023 -Year of the RABBIT

Sunday, March 5th, after service.
Presented by Renae Jensen

What does this upcoming year predict for us? What are the planetary and elemental imprints? After the 2022 Tiger Year, what will the Rabbit bring to us -in the world, and in our personal lives? Career, Finances, Wealth, Romance? Learn the 2023 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancements to tune up your home with color, elements, and symbols. Everyone attending will also receive a 2023 guide map with a list of cures, Animal outlook and a Feng Shui personal overview.

This is a very personalized class -
If you signup for this class you must
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We will need your birthday to prepare your personal 9 Star Ki profile & Chinese Animal

Renae Jensen is a certified Feng Shui & Space Clearing teacher and professional for over 25 years, she has taught Feng Shui on an international platform, and has enjoyed many television and radio appearances -

Class Testimonial
You are the best Renee! That class was absolutely fantastic and I'm so happy then I was able to take in all the good information you supplied. I've been making a couple of Corrections today to get a lead on everything but I won't add my salt cures until next week. I have a couple of very challenging areas I get to put some real thought into. That's why I applying the Feng shui principles and cures each year it's so important to me. As a homebody I feel I have guidance and support and making my abode secure safe and cozy for me and mine. Thank you again! I'm sending so many blessings your way of appreciation.

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