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THE TANTRIC CONNECTION: THE ALCHEMY OF SPIRITUAL INTIMACY, Thursdays, February 22, 29 & March 7th - with Adria Firestone

02-22-24 Tantric Connect
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Thursday, February 22, 29 & March 7th 2024 (
7:30 – 9:00pm)
with Adria Firestone

Weekly: 3 Classes

In this transformative class, you'll experience the profound power of love as a force that connects us all. This course is a call to action, inviting you to explore how spiritual intimacy can be a catalyst for change. Learn practical and tantric exercises, flowing movement and mindfulness techniques that will help you be present in even the smallest moments, allowing your heart to open in profound ways. You’ll learn to cultivate a connection that nurtures your soul and ignites the flame of divine intimacy.

Discover how to nurture intimacy with your friends, family, and romantic partners. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or seeking a deeper connection with yourself, this class offers a safe space for you to explore, heal and grow. You will witness how the ripples of love you send out not only change the world, but also transform you. Share this with those you love. Join us in this inspiring journey of love in action. Find out more here:

Adrian Firestone YouTube - Tantric Connection

Adria Firestone, Speaker | Author | Coach

Adria Firestone is a speaker, best-selling author and certified Rapid Results Coach who works with clients around the globe. She is a leading consultant for video skills, a branding and communication expert, and a leader in personal and professional development. Adria has decades of international, award-winning performance, and media experience. Adria’s credits range from Carmen in Bizet’s opera to Family Guy. For our troops in Desert Storm, from Shanghai to the Pacific Rim and from Cairo to Canada, Adria has performed throughout the world. She has been published in the WSJ, the Huffington Post, Woman’s Day and was featured on RAI TV, News 12 and Telemundo.

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