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DEATH CAFE, Sunday, June 2nd at 12: 15 PM with Rev, John Drinkard and Deacon Peggy Kelleher

06-02-24 Death Cafe
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The Death Cafe

The upcoming Death Café at ISD promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking event.

An exploration into the mystical dimensions of the transition from Life to Death. This unique space is for participants who want to openly discuss and explore the often-taboo topic of death. Attendees can expect an atmosphere of shared reflections, diverse perspectives, and a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural, emotional, and practical aspects surrounding death.
The Death Café at ISD Offers a valuable opportunity for community members to delve into the profound aspects of consciousness. Come share your perspectives and experiences in a supportive space that encourages open dialogue about the mysteries and spiritual dimensions of our inevitable journey.
Reverend John Drinkard has been a dedicated Hospice Chaplin and worked with our Veterans; and Deacon Peggy Kelleher affectionally worked as a home Hospice nurse and is an EOL Doula.
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