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ASTRO BASICS: EXPLORE YOUR COSMIC BLUEPRINT Sunday, April 14th, 12:15 PM with Peggy Kelleher

04-14 Astro Basic
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ASTRO-BASICS: Explore Your Cosmic Blueprint ~ Your Chart
Sunday, April 14th, 12:15 PM with Peggy Kelleher

In this astrology workshop, we will unravel the fascinating interplay between houses in your chart and the planets. Delve into the diverse energies of the houses, each representing a distinct facet of life's journey. From the adventurous spirit of the 9th house to the transformative energies of the 8th house, attendees gain insight into the cosmic forces shaping their personal narratives. The planets take center stage as participants explore the roles of the celestial bodies in their charts. Discover how Mercury shapes communication, Venus influences relationships, and Mars’s fueled motivation.
For participants without an astrology chart, you can acquire one ahead of the workshop, from Peggy, for a nominal fee of $20. You will need to provide her with the city, state, and country of your birth, and the exact time is also necessary.
Join us for Astro-Basics, unlocking celestial secrets, and navigating life with newfound wisdom from the stars.
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