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The Institute for Spritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave, Sparta, NJ 07871  *  Phone: 973-729-8261 *  email: info@isdsparta.org

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Welcome to a new and exciting future at the ISD. 

If this is your first time visiting us, you are in for some special surprises as you are encouraged to partake of the many tools that can assist you on your life's path. 

To live in health, happiness and prosperity is everyone's birthright, whether we choose to follow a certain path is our individual choice. No dogma or belief system is imposed upon anyone. 

We are all encouraged to find our own path, with the love and support of like-minded people who approach the search for knowledge and understanding with an open and loving mind, always ready to adapt to change.

We hope you will join us and begin to see the world as beautiful as it really is, and see that beauty in your fellow man regardless of his/her choices...

Blessings,  Rev. Kathy Kerston, Director
Welcome to a New & Exciting Future at the ISD.
Institute for Spiritual Development - Sparta NJ 07828
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The Institute for Spritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave, Sparta, NJ 07871  *  Phone: 973-729-8261 *  email: info@isdsparta.org

QiGong for Health & Healing
with Mark Gallagher 
Monday's, 7:00 PM

Save Money on Your Energy while earning CASH for the ISD.
We are a Metaphysical Church that honors and celebrates each soul. Our community provides an unconditionally loving and healing environment that affirms and encourages all seekers on their spiritual journey.

For more information see Kathy Kerston or call her at 973 453 6294.

Mondays: 7:30 PM
Jan. 5 with  Rev. Karen Slember
Feb. 2 with   Rev. Christina Fritsch
March 2 with  Rev. Kathy Kerston
Together we will explore the inner journey and come to greater understandings about who we are. We will examine spiritual concepts, beliefs and spiritual practices that promote spiritual growth and holistic well being and enhance our lives here and now. We learn from each other. Each evening will consist of a different topic presentation and plenty of opportunity for everyone to share experiences and thoughts.

Are you interested in broadening your understanding and growing? Join a different minister each month for an exciting and enlightening evening of exploration and discussion.  

Donation $10.00
Tuesdays, 7:30 PM
Jan. 13, 20, 27, Feb. 3 
Rev. Karen Rose Slember
Join us for this course designed to heighten your awareness of the Spirit World as well as your own spirit, in a loving, caring and encouraging environment. You just may amaze yourself! Be fully immersed in the “energy” with other budding Mediums! You will learn meditation techniques that allow you to more fully “Sit in the Power” of the Spirit which is Love.  

Each night will be packed with a “teaching”, techniques and exercises that will enable you to connect with Spirit, both here and in the hereafter, and receive meaningful information about them and their lives.This is a “hands on course” where you will learn by actually doing the work! Mediumship is born of Love. It brings loved ones together and heals. Come join us!

Members $80, Non Members $100
A Fusion of Dancing,
Kundalini, & Laughing Meditation
Fridays, 7:00 PM
 Jan.9, 23 & March 6, 20 
Facilitator: Tzveta DaVinci

Dancing, kundalini, and laughing release and rejuvenate and refresh you. Together they create a profound physical, emotional and mental detox with countless benefits:  a joyful workout lightness and peace; a shift in perception; an awakening to a deeper level; and way of being in the world. In this class, you will meditate more deeply than ever before and integrate your experiences. Serious side effects may occur, such as:  spontaneous bursts of bliss and joy; loss of interest in being depressed, worried or sad; and spontaneous healing.

$20 per session

 Evidential Mediumship Gallery 
Sunday, Feb 22nd 7:30pm 

Join accomplished International Mediums: Dr. Rom Weber, Adam Bernstein, Karen Rose Slember and Lucia Cochran for an evening of reunion and communion with loved ones in Spirit. This evening  is certain to warm the hearts of those present with the knowledge that love never dies and that our loved ones are just a breath away. 
All Proceeds benefit the Sparta ISD
$ 25 Advanced Registrarion
$ 30 at the door.
Preregistration is recommended as previous events have sold out!

Saturday 10:00 AM
Continue to develop your abilities!
You will learn and work with new techniques that allow you to more fully open to and blend with Spirit and receive clear and precise information from loved ones in Spirit in both private readings and public demonstrations. 

The class will focus on: vibrational awareness and application, using the chakra to develop self-confidence = trust = focus, mind/body/spirit integration, embodying spirit-showing the evidence/feeling the essence, external cues, quick links-precise information for public/private work, deeper linking in private readings, and working with two or more links simultaneously.

For more information, krads1@gmail.com or  Call 973-670-7232

Members $120 - Non Members $160
Tuesdays 7:30 PM
Feb. 18, 25; March 4, 11, 18, 25
with Rev. Karen Rose Slember

Advanced Evidential Mediumship

Friday, January 30th
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Whatever your preference we have talented mediums, psychics, and tarot readers available on these evenings. Or get readings in more than one discipline!
Bring a Friend!