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The Institute for Spritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave, Sparta, NJ 07871  *  Phone: 973-551-5300 *  email: info@isdsparta.org

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Welcome to a new and exciting future at the ISD. 

If this is your first time visiting us, you are in for some special surprises as you are encouraged to partake of the many tools that can assist you on your life's path. 

To live in health, happiness and prosperity is everyone's birthright, whether we choose to follow a certain path is our individual choice. No dogma or belief system is imposed upon anyone. 

We are all encouraged to find our own path, with the love and support of like-minded people who approach the search for knowledge and understanding with an open and loving mind, always ready to adapt to change.

We hope you will join us and begin to see the world as beautiful as it really is, and see that beauty in your fellow man regardless of his/her choices...

Blessings,  Rev. Kathy Kerston, Director
Welcome to a New & Exciting Future at the ISD.
Institute for Spiritual Development - Sparta NJ 07828
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The Institute for Spritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave, Sparta, NJ 07871  *  Phone: 973-551-5300 *  email: info@isdsparta.org

QiGong for Health & Healing
with Mark Gallagher 
Monday's, 7:00 PM
For more information see Kathy Kerston or call her at 973 453 6294.

Saturday 10:00 AM
We are a Metaphysical Church that honors and celebrates each soul. Our community provides an unconditionally loving and healing environment that affirms and encourages all seekers on their spiritual journey.

Under- standing & wisdom inspired from the other side of life.reater under- standing & wisdom inspired from the other side of life.

with Rev Norma Victor
Tues., Aug 25th, 8:00 PM 
Trance Channeling

OFFICE SPACE in our church available for rent. Approximately 300 sq ft. Two offices on ground floor to choose from or to combine. On-site parking. Utilities included. Handicapped accessible. Freshly painted and ready for immediate occupancy. Rent $300. p/m per office. For further info call Bernadette @ 973-222-7081.


Saturday, 7:00 PM
Aug 29th at the ISD 
Featuring the Music of 
The Lightstream Orchestra 
& 2-Bob's Street Band
  • Some Music for Relaxation 
  • Some Music for Dancing
This promises to be an event filled with light and energy.
Bring you own libation and a side dish, horderves or desert. 
Donation $10

Taking Numerology to a Higher Level  with Rev Kathy Kerston Thursdays, 7:30 PM
 Sept. 3, 10, 17 & 24
From this class, you will take away tools that will empower your life in many areas. Learn not only what your life path number and your personal year numbers are, but also the alchemic energy they hold. Kathy shows you how to release alchemic energy that will empower you with newly found insight to make life path choices about success, harmony and happiness. Come and have fun, but most of all, come and be empowered.
Members $ 80 - Non Members $100

A Quantum Twist
Discover Your Power
Evidential Mediumship Intermediate
Tuesdays 7:30 PM
Sept 8, 15, 22, & 29
with Rev Karen Rose Slember
Grow in Your Mediumship Ability!
Mediumship is a unique Journey. This course focuses on you and the growth of your ability. Learn to attune to your energies and build a stronger link to the Spirit World.These four weeks are geared to group work; experimenting and exploring the joys of communicating with Spirit! You will be learning proven techniques that will enable you to receive specific and accurate evidence from Spirit. You will have the opportunity to work doing private readings along with public presentation.Discover Your own Power! For info contact Karen krads1@gmail.com or call 973-670-7232  

Members $ 80 - Non Members $100
With International Medium
Karen Rose Slember 
Thursday, Sept.10th at 7:30 pm

This intimate Spirit Message Gallery is limited to fifteen people. Everyone attending will receive a message.

The energy will be high as Karen Rose uses her “spot on” intuitive abilities to give everyone a message from Spirit about their life today. 

Feel the energy shift as Karen’s close connection with Spirit becomes apparent when she moves into the Spirit World and begins to connect as many as possible who are present with loved ones and friends in Spirit. She will give accurate and specific information about the loved one, touching shared memories and a special message for the recipient. The evening will close with a meditation by Karen Rose that will move all present into a space where they can experience their loved ones in Spirit. Don't miss it.
$ 25 - All proceeds go the ISD

An Evidential Mediumship Gallery
With Mediums
Jane Dawson & Karen Rose
Friday, October 9th at 7:30 PM

Pre-Registration $ 20.00
 $25.00 at door. 
Registration is encouraged. 
This event will be sold out!
Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit

Led by Garry Gewant

Friday, Sept. 11th, 7:30PM
Garry Gewant, director and lead Hypnotherapist at HYP4LIFE Inc., explains how hypnosis, positive visualization and guided imagery can be successfully utilized for: Smoking Cessation; Weight Control; Stress Management; Elimination of Fears & Phobias; Improving Sports, Artistic, and Academic Performance;
Anger Management; and Past Life Regression Therapy.
Join Garry for a fascinating evening.
You owe it to yourself!
 Jane and Karen will bring specific and accurate information about the person in Spirit, touching shared memories and a message of joy and love from the Spirit World to their loved ones still here.
 This evening, filled with warmth, love, understanding and humor is certain to warm the hearts of those present with the knowledge that love never dies and that our loved ones are just a breath away.
Love is the strongest and most healing energy in the universe. Join us for a loving and healing evening of Messages from Spirit.
  Karen Rose Slember, an Internationally known Medium brings over 30 years experience working for Spirit to tonight’s demonstration. Her warmth, humor and Love of all People both here and in the hereafter will be readily apparent as she connects many present with Loved ones in Spirit
. www.karenrosepsychicmedium.com  

Reading Sessions available with Medium Angel Lady Jane Dawson during her stay. Please call Karen at 973-670-7232 or email at krads1@gmail.com for an appointment!  
with medium
Jane Dawson.
These sessions are for anyone who has taken tarot classes and run out of friends & relatives to practice on. This is not a teaching class. We'll practice, practice, practice doing readings for each other and answering specific questions. Bring whatever tarot deck you use and your sense of adventure!
$10 per session

Sunday, Sept 13th  -  1:00 PM

Friday, Sept.25th
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Whatever your preference we have talented mediums, psychics, and tarot readers available on these evenings. Or get readings in more than one discipline!
Bring a Friend!
All readings for entertainment purpose only.

We invite you to gather with other men who walk a spiritual path. We seek to improve our conscious contact with God and offer guidance in spiritual development to each other.

Sitting in Council
with Rev John Drinkard 
Thursday, Sept. 17th,  7:30 PM

Learn The Sacred Art of
Soul Messages
Attention readers and working psychics: Expand the reach of your readings and the depth of knowing shared with your clients through the profound Soul-to-Soul connection of a Soul Message™. In the first half of this workshop, I will teach you how to arrive at the first aspect of the integrated Soul known as The Inner Awe™. From this wondrous space within, you will learn how to connect with your client through their Inner Awe™ and then learn how to take that connection and move into direct communication with Soul. It is here that you deliver short, channeled Soul Messages™ to your client, wisdom and levels of insight that exceeds all others. I will further teach you how to integrate aspects of Soul Messages™ into an expanded traditional reading. We will address aspects of free-will, higher potentials, ethics, and discernment. This is an advanced and hands-on intensive class. You must have significant prior experience, as a reader to attend this class. If you are unsure, please contact me directly at annalynette.1@gmail.com to discuss.​
with Anna Lynette Kelly
Saturday Sept. 19th,
 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Members $ 60 - NonMembers $80

Join top Scottish Medium & Angel Communicator, Jane Dawson, Jane is a down to earth Scottish lady who's worked throughout Europe and the USA. Her workshops are not only highly enlightening but provide a warm, nurturing environment to learn in, with a good dollop of fun thrown in. But have no doubt, you WILL be touched by Spirit during her events ...

Members $120 - Non Members $160
with Jane Dawson.
Saturday, October 10th,
10:00 A.M.- 4:00 P.M.

  • Use fun, unique ways to work with Mediumship
  • Get amazing evidence quickly & easily
  • Work with your personal strengths 
  • Banish your connection & presentation fears
  • Present your Mediumship fabulously 
  • Smash private readings
  • Flow effortlessly from intuitive to Spiritual connections
  • - Whatever else Spirit want you to know on that day

Amaze Yourself – Laugh – Erase Fears – Flow – Understand
You will definitely learn & grow, no matter your current Mediumship 'level'! Bring notebook, pen and an open mind!
with Elaine Kurie
Thursdays 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
 Sept. 17,  24 and Oct.1,  8  

Mindful Zen Painting is a practice that allows students to quiet the mind and tune into the present moment, creating a peaceful inner space where the mind relaxes and creative awareness deepens. It’s also a place where your inner artist awakens and your personal expression begins. This art and meditation practice can enhance your life through painting in the present moment. Each class begins with a brief meditation period, continues with a guided painting session, and ends with paintings that you can take home. Brush handling, color mixing, and painting techniques will be covered with step-by-step demonstrations. Enjoy improved concentration, reduced stress, and more positive thinking. Each class is two hours, and painting supplies are provided. No experience is necessary. 
$120 for four classes. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required in the ISD Bookstore